Témoignages d'anciens combattants:
Ian Wilson


  • Military Police armband worn while in combat uniform. It is presented on parade to all graduating MPs.

    Ian Wilson
  • Canadian Forces flag badges. The green flag is used for tactical operations, and the borders and maple leaf show as red under a military flashlight red lens.

    Ian Wilson
  • Left to Right: Brass SECURITAS ("to Protect"), worn on forage cap; OSON ("We Dare"), given to the Special Service Force as a battle honour by the British, worn on the arm of best uniform; Multinational Forces for Kosovo (KFOR) military police badge.

    Ian Wilson
  • Ian Wilson is also involved in community outreach, pioneering such programs as an internationally acclaimed scout troup in Kosovo, with the motto "Letting Kids Be Kids Again".

    Ian Wilson
  • A memorial to the Canadian soldiers who lost their lives in Afghanistan, Remembered with Honour.

    Ian Wilson
  • Canadian Peacekeeper Ian Wilson.

    Ian Wilson.
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